Kurume History & Sightseeing

Kurume City

Kurume-shi(久留米市 Kurume-shi) is a city located in Fukuoka, Japan.
The city has an estimated population of 303,277 and the density of 1,319.51 persons per km². The total area is 229.84 km². The city was founded on April 1, 1889.
Famous people from Kurume include: the family of the Bridgestone Tire Corporation (Shojiro Ishibashi), George Shima (the “Potato King” of California), the pop group Checkers, the singer and actress Seiko Matsuda, anime creator Leiji Matsumoto, the television celebrity, Rena Tanaka, actor Ryo Ishibashi and the late Izumi Sakai of Zard. The Bridgestone Tire Corporation has its origins in Kurume as traditional footwear manufacturers, producing the sock-like shoe (tabi), used by farmers. They found that by coating the bottom of tabi with rubber, farmers could be protected from the invasion of parasitic worms that live in rice paddies. Famous traditional products of Kurume are the kasuri(絣), roughly woven indigo dyed cloth; pork soup (tonkotsu) ramen noodles; and trays and bowls made from rantai shikki(籃胎漆器), a composite made from lacquered bamboo.

Source: Wikipedia

Things to do near Kurume

Kurume River Park

Kurume river park area, west of JR Kurume is nice walking from Bairin-ji temple to Suitengu shrine. Many tonkotu Kyushu ramen shops in Kurume between JR and Nishitetu Kurume stations.


Fukuoka Airport – Kurume:1,200 yen (one way) 42 buses a day:no reservation

Round Trip Ticket & Pair Ticket (within 10 days): Approx. 10% off

Fukuoka Airport – Kurume : 2,150 yen

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