Mii Campus

The JALTCALL 2011 Conference will be held at the Media Center, Mii Campus, Kurume University in Kurume-shi, Fukuoka. Information about travel to Kurume City and hotels can be found in the travel section.

Mii Campus

No. 12 on the map is the Student Union Building (Gakusei Kaikan). The Networking Reception will be held here on the second floor on Saturday evening.
No. 16 on the map is the Gym. Visitor Parking is available in front of this building (between 16 and 19 on the map).
No. 20 on the map is the 1000 Building, the Computer Center.
No. 21 on the map is the 800 Building, the Media Center (Registration will take place on the first floor.)

There are three convenience stores around the campus.
1. A Family Mart is located at No. 10 on the map, the North Gate.
2. A Lawson is located in front of the East Gate, near No. 16 on the map.
3. There is a Seven Eleven located to the right of the Visitor Parking (to the right of No. 16 on the map). About 50 meters to the right of the intersection.

There are some vending machines to buy snacks and drinks in No. 11 on the map, on the second floor.

If you want to get a taxi to leave the campus, go to the Administration Building, No. 2 on the map. Go to the front of the building and in the entrance there is a direct line telephone to a taxi company. Lift the receiver and ask for a taxi. No coins needed. A taxi will usually arrive in two or three minutes. It costs about 1,000 yen to the Nishitetsu Train station. A little more to get to the JR Kurume Train Station.

If you arrive to the campus by taxi, please ask to be dropped off at the Bus Stop at the South Gate. It is only a sort walk to the registration desk in the Media Center (No. 21 on the map.)
Note: If you do not ask to be dropped off at the bus stop, the taxi driver will drop you off in front of the Administration Building, which is farther away from registration and will cost more for the taxi.

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