Friday 3 June 2011 Pre-Conference Workshops

6:30-7:30 (Room 1043)
Jane Harland
Lecturer, Kyushu University
Expanding Your Use of Video in the Classroom
Video has long been a part of the language classroom, but advances in computers, software and hardware have put the entire process, from creation to distribution, within the reach of every classroom teacher. In this workshop, I will discuss how I create weekly feedback videos that I post to Blackboard CMS, utilizing Screenflow. ( These videos not only give feedback to the students, but also give urls for them to explore further, raising their interest in the class and increasing their computer literacy.

This demonstration will be for Macs only, and participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and install trial versions of Screenflow (available at the above url) to participate fully.

Jane Harland works at Kyushu University’s Dental Education Research Centre under the Global 30 Project, and is part of an interdisciplinary team producing blended learning materials. She is a Mac user.

6:30-7:30 (Room 1044)
Joe Tomei
Associate Professor, Kumamoto Gakuen University
Seminar Classes Made Possible with Web 2.0
Wadden (1993) notes the “importance that students place on their seminar classes’ (p. 176). Yet getting Japanese university students with often weak English skills and even weaker research skills to do sufficient work in their seminars can be a huge challenge, one which has been recently exacerbated by increased shuukatsu pressures. In this workshop, I will show the ways Web 2.0 can deal with many of these challenges and help you to guide your students to producing a seminar paper that is both original and comprehensible.

This presentation will be of greatest interest to teachers faced with seminar classes where students are tasked to produce a research paper. Participants will need to have a Google account ( to fully participate in this workshop.

Joe Tomei works in the Department of British and American studies at Kumamoto Gakuen University for 15 years and has only recently figured out how to deliver seminar classes in a way that gets students to produce half-way decent papers in English. Like his English and Japanese language ability, he is a Mac user whose ability suffers because he is constantly struggling to be fluent in Windows.

7:45-8:45 (Room 1043)
Malcolm Swanson
Professor, Seinan Jo Gakuin University
The In and Outs of Using InDesign to Create Classroom Materials
Adobe Indesign has become the software package of choice for the professional design and layout of all types of publications. It is extremely powerful, but has a steep learning curve which can be overwhelming for new users. However, with a few basic skills and techniques, it is possible to use it to quickly and efficiently create attractive classroom materials. This presentation will focus on using some of InDesign’s basic tools to design and layout worksheets, tests, and other classroom materials that not only look good, but also take the minimum amount of time. We will also look at creating PDF files for online delivery, and self-publishing options for teachers wishing to create their own textbooks.

This presentation will be of greatest interest to teachers with little or no experience in using InDesign. As this presentation will be a demonstration rather than a hands-on presentation, participants are encouraged to download and install the 30 day trial version at onto their laptops and bring it to the workshop.

Malcolm Swanson teaches in the English Department of Seinan Jo Gakuin University in Kitakyushu. He is also responsible for the layout and design of most of JALT National’s publications. He has been using InDesign for over 12 years, and is a self-acknowledged Apple addict.

7:45-8:45 (Room 1044)
Judy Yoneoka
Professor, Kumamoto Gakuen University
DIY CMS: Two examples of Blended Learning in University Content Classes
This workshop will present examples of tailor-made websites for two university lecture courses which traditionally have a large number of students (between 80 and 120). The first is for a 1st year introductory course on the United States, which includes textbook-based online quizzes for attendance and feedback purposes and weekly PowerPoint presentations. The second, for a 3rd year course on current events, features online news sources, archives, on-line quizzes, and chat rooms. This site has now yielded a 10-year corpus of student-produced chats. Both sites were initially developed in 2000-2001, before the popular advent of course management systems such as Moodle and Web CT. They were wikified circa 2006, and have been otherwise refined over the years to include multimedia aspects. It is hoped that they may provide hints to teachers who may not have the time or energy to devote to working with standardized CMS platforms. This presentation will be of greatest interest to teachers teaching large content classes.

Judy Yoneoka has taught English at Kumamoto Gakuen University for over 25 years, as well as applied linguistics, cross-cultural communication, computer literacy, current events, and perspectives on the US. Her field of specialty is World Englishes, which encompasses a broad range of interdisciplinary interests and continually encourages her to “blend” her teaching and research projects.

Workshop Information

If you are attending a Pre-Conference Workshop please go to the assigned room directly without registering for the conference. Conference registration will begin on Saturday morning, so there is no need to register for the conference on Friday evening. All Pre-Conference workshops will be held in Building 1000 (Computer Center) on the 4th floor in rooms 1043 and 1044. This is Building #20 on the Venue Map .

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